Auto Repair Shop Spring Lake Park MN

Looking for professional, honest and quality auto repairs in the northern suburbs?  We have you covered. 

The Best Auto Repair Shop in Spring Lake Park, MN. 



For most of us, cars are essential to our busy lives. When something breaks down, it can throw off our schedules entirely. At Infinity Auto Shop, we believe in providing excellent and affordable service that gets you back on the road quickly. Our full-service auto technicians provide the highest level of care and service to each customer, regardless of the year, make or model of the vehicle. We treat each customer with the same level of respect and honesty. By performing thorough diagnostic inspections, we ensure that you only fix the necessary parts that are causing issues, not parts that are operating just fine. We diagnose the problems and make recommendations before performing the work to ensure we are on the same page.

Our auto repair shop in Spring Lake Park, MN, offers a full line of auto repairs for every need, including brakes, engine maintenance, shocks, struts, catalytic converters, tires, CV shafts, mufflers, transmission, heating and cooling, oil change, suspension, alignment, electrical, fuel injection, sparkplugs, fleet services, fleet transmission, general services, diagnostic inspection, wires and connections, replacement of air filters as necessary, water pump, sensors, distributor cap, rotors, power steering system, tire rotation for even wear, help for your vehicle’s cooling system, radiators, exhaust and filtration systems, batteries, AC services, drivetrain, electrical issues and more. 

You name it and we can handle it. We get to the root of the problem and get it fixed smoothly and quickly.

Whether you’ve been in an accident and need significant structural and mechanical repair, or simply need an oil change or tire alignment, we’ve got you covered. We also offer tune up services for your vehicle to keep it running like a clock. Simple maintenance and periodic checks can keep your car running longer and prevent bigger problems. We check wiring and connections, valves, lights, brakes, tires, oil and fluid levels, and more to ensure you stay safe on the road.

Every service we offer is extended to fleet vehicles as well. Let us help you maintain your fleet through regular tune ups, repairs and detailing. Your fleet represents your business, and we strive to maintain your fleet with excellence in service. Contact us to learn more about our fleet services.

At Infinity Auto Shop, our technicians are trained to keep your vehicle running smoothly and looking good. Not only do our certified auto mechanics and technicians provide the highest level of diagnostics and repair, but they also provide excellent customer service. When you visit our convenient location in Spring Lake Park, MN, you will find expertise, professionalism and good attitudes. We are here to serve you. 

Our clean and comfy waiting room is a great place to sit and rest while we service your vehicle. Fresh coffee is always available, along with smiling faces and helpful technicians. Take a break and let us do the work. Contact us at 763-231-9548 with any questions about our services or location. 

Once your car is running smoothly, also check out our extensive line of detailing services to keep your vehicle fresh and clean.