auto Detailing

We know that taking care of your vehicle is important to you.  Harsh Minnesota weather seems to have every extreme temperature continuously bombarding our cars and trucks all year long.  Protect your car from the sun and winter salting of our roads with Infinity Auto's expert team for your auto detailing in Spring Lake Park, MN.  Come and see why the local auto pros and local residents trust us every time they are in need of auto detailing services.  

We’ve all been there at some point. A smoothie spilled on the front seat. The dog seemed to shed all of his hair on the back seat. The kids left snacks on the floor that eventually got ground into the carpet. Winter roads and weather left a salty and dirty film all over the exterior. And on top of that, life has been too busy to take care of the mess. Don’t stress. Whatever the cause of the grime, our dedicated team is here to provide excellent detailing services and get your car back into shape.

Infinity Auto Shop in Spring Lake Park, MN, offers not only car maintenance and repair, but also high-quality and affordable interior and exterior auto detailing to meet all your needs. Whether you need an entire overhaul on the vehicle to remove months of off-roading mud or a simple spiff to impress your significant other, we’ve got you covered. We use the best techniques and cleaning products to get your car looking great, no matter what life has thrown at you.

For interior services, our staff provides deep cleaning for upholstery and smooth surfaces. We vacuum the seats, air vents, cracks, consoles, floor mats, and carpets, and ensure every last bit of cookie crumb and dirt is gone. We also take care to polish surfaces, clean buttons and dials, remove dust from dashboards and tucked away surfaces, shine windows, scrub consoles and handles where buildup of grime occurs, condition leather and bring back showroom luster, ultimately leaving your car looking and feeling fresh and clean.

Exterior services include wash and wax, tire and trim conditioning, headlight restoration if needed, rim shine, window wash, etc. Whether you have a work truck in need of serious TLC or a sportscar needing a fine tune and polish, our team has you covered. We provide full service that fits your budget so you can enjoy your ride, every time.

We encourage frequent cleaning and detailing to help maintain your car and protect it from damaging substances, such as winter salt. Consistent washing and waxing will help preserve paint, metal and trim, while vacuuming and polishing help prevent the carpet from becoming matted and ugly. This allows your car to look great even with high miles, especially if you are trading it in or trying to sell it. A great opportunity to make the best impression.

Have a fleet to care for? No problem. We provide an extensive range of detailing services to meet your needs (and your budget). Image is important for business. Let us help you keep a professional and well-maintained fleet through periodic detailing and tune ups. Contact us for a custom fleet rate.

At Infinity Auto Shop, we take great pride in keeping your vehicle running smoothly and looking great. We offer the highest quality repairs and detailing at affordable prices. Contact us today, or stop by the shop on 109th Ave NE, to take care of your auto repair and detailing needs. We service the entire Spring Lake Park, MN, area and are easily accessible from nearby highways.